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Cardware or Postcardware is a form of freeware that is distributed in a similar way to shareware , on condition that the user sends the author a postcard.


Postcardware shares most of the license conditions with those of the freeware: The distribution of the licensed program is permitted, but the copyright remains with the author. While the use of freeware is generally free of charge, the author of Postcardware asks the user to send a postcard. Compliance with this licensing provision occurs on a voluntary basis and can usually not be enforced for technical reasons. The English portmanteau word Postcardware originated from the words postcard ( postcard ) and software . A variation is "Emailware", where an email is required instead of a postcard . Due to the unlimited space for text, e-mails can be used, unlike postcards, for feedback on program improvement by the user.


An early example of the cardware concept is the image viewing software JPEGView by the US programmer Aaron Giles from 1991. Another well-known cardware program is the free version of the computer role-playing game Ancient Domains of Mystery .

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