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Catamenia live at Jalometalli 2008 in Oulu
Catamenia live at Jalometalli 2008 in Oulu
General information
origin Oulu , Finland
Genre (s) Black Metal , Power Metal , Melodic Death Metal
founding 1995
Founding members
Mika Tönning (until 2003)
Guitar , vocals, keyboard
Riku Hopeakoski
Current occupation
Guitar, vocals
Riku Hopeakoski
Sauli Jauhiainen (since 2010)
Mikko Hepo-oja (2004-2005, since 2010)
Tony Qvick (since 2010)
former members
Sampo Ukkola (1995–1999)
Timo Lehtinen (1995-2004)
Toni Tervo (1995–1999)
Heidi Riihinen (1995-2001)
Sir Luttinen (1999-2001)
Janne Kusmin (2001-2002)
Veikko Jumisko (2003-2007)
Olli Jukka Mustonen (2004-2008)
Kari Vähäkuopus (2006-2010)
Guitar, vocals
Ari Nissilä (1999-2010)
Mikko Nevanlahti (2007-2010)
Toni Kansanoja (2006-2010)

Catamenia is a black metal - band of Oulu in Finland .


Catamenia was founded in 1995 by Riku Hopeakoski and Mika Tönning in Oulu. In the same year she recorded her first demo and Sampo Ukkola, Timo Lehtinen, Toni Tervo and Heidi Riihinen joined the band. In 1996 she recorded the second demo Winds , which brought them a contract for four albums with the Massacre Records label in 1997.

The first album Halls of Frozen North , which was released in 1998, was recorded in the Commusication Studios in Germany . This was followed in 1999 by the second album Morning Crimson and the EP Shape Edition , which were recorded in the Swedish Sunlight Studios. After the recording, Toni Tervo and Sampo Ukkola left the band and were replaced by Sir Luttinen and Ari Nissilä.

In 2000, the next album Eternal Winter's Prophecy was made in Kemi . In 2001, Heidi Riihinen and Sir Luttinen ended their collaboration with the band, Janne Kusmin became the new drummer and Riku Hopeakoski took over the position on keyboard.

In 2002 she recorded her fourth album Eskhata in Oulu . It appeared in the same year; the contract with Massacre Records was extended by three more albums due to the good cooperation.

During the recordings for the fifth album, the band's activity was again characterized by member changes. Janne Kusmin left the band. Veikko Jumisko and Tero Nevala were added. The album Chaos Born , created in February 2003, was a success for her. Subsequent disagreements, however, resulted in the departure of co-founder and singer Mika Tönning and bassist Timo Lehtinen. Olli Jukka Mustonen then gave the band his voice and the bass was taken over by Mikko Hepo-oja.

In 2005 the next album Winternight Tragedies was released , which was recorded in the Mastervox Studios in Oulu. Mikko Hepo-oja left the band and was replaced by Toni Kansanoja, and the producer of the last three albums, Kari Vähäkuopus, could be won over for the clear vocals. In 2006 the album Location: COLD was released.

In spring 2007 the drummer Veikko Jumisko left the band for "personal reasons", but a successor could be found for him in July with Mikko Nevanlahti.

On a tour through Canada, Olli J. Mustonen was represented by Ari Nissilä. Since the response to his singing was very good, the band decided at the end of May 2008 to part with Olli J. Mustonen and continue to work permanently with Nissilä as the new singer. On October 24, 2008 the album VIII - The Time Unchained was released.

On February 26, 2010, the next album Cavalcade was released . In 2010 it was said on the band's website that Nissilä, Kansanoja, Vähäkuopus and Nevanlahti were leaving the band because of their own projects and other reasons. They were replaced by the returnee Mikko Hepo-oja as bassist, guitarist Sauli Jauhiainen and drummer Tony Qvick.

On April 27, 2012, The Rewritten Chapters was released, a best-of album with new recordings of previous songs.


Catamenia plays fast and melodic Black Metal. The songs impress with their catchy melodies and switch between mid-tempo and very fast parts. The guitar is sometimes reminiscent of old Satyricon recordings. The keyboard plays an essential part in this. In more recent albums, elements of Finnish folk such as: B. Male choirs . Catamenia turned their back on Black Metal with the album Cavalcade , which is more to be ascribed to Melodic Death or Power Metal.


Demos and EPs

  • 1996: Winds (demo)
  • 1999: Shape Edition (EP)


  • 1998: Halls of Frozen North
  • 1999: Morning Crimson
  • 2000: Eternal Winter's Prophecy
  • 2002: Eskhata
  • 2003: Chaos Born
  • 2005: Winternight Tragedies
  • 2006: Location: COLD
  • 2008: VIII - The Time Unchained
  • 2010: Cavalcade
  • 2012: The Rewritten Chapters (compilation)

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