Cesare Rossi (rower)

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Cesare Rossi (born November 10, 1904 , † November 11, 1952 ) was an Italian rower .

At the Olympic Games in Amsterdam in 1928 , a total of six boats took part in the four without a helmsman . The Italian foursome with Cesare Rossi, Pietro Freschi , Umberto Bonadè and Paolo Gennari won its prelude against the team of the host country. In the semifinals, the Italians lost to the boat from the United States, with Rossi suffering from a weakness in the final meters. By participating in the semi-finals, the Italians had the bronze medal. In the same line-up, the Italian boat won the titles at the European Championships in 1929 and 1930.

Rossi, Freschi and Bonadè were part of the fire department in Piacenza.

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