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Chalpaida , also Alpais (Latin Chalpaidis ; † probably before 714 ) was the mother of Karl Martell . There is hardly any reliable information about chalpaida.

The place of their origin and their noble family are unknown. It is believed that she was the sister of the house keeper Dodo or a second cousin of Bertrada the Elder . Her birthplace is believed to be near Prüm .

Karl Martell emerged from a connection with Pippin the Middle . However, this is not a so-called Friedelehe , the existence of which research has rejected as a remote construct of the 1930s. However, it is controversial whether the connection between Chalpaidas and Pippin is a marriage or a concubinage. The Frankish caretaker Karl Martell was named after the Carolingian family , he is the father of Pippin the Younger and grandfather of Charlemagne . She is no longer mentioned in the arguments between her son Karl Martell and Plektrud . Hence it is believed that she died before her husband.



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