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Chanting (from English to chant = (to) sing, to call rhythmically, English chant = (solemn) song, hymn) in the narrower sense describes the singing of religious songs or mantras as a religious practice. In a broader sense, chanting is the singing of simple melodies or the melodic speaking of texts - often in connection with body movement, drumming or dance - for example as part of therapies or wellness exercises.

In contrast to singing z. B. in a church chant, performance-free chanting is not about musical perfection or art, but about developing social, health- promoting and transcendent effects through prolonged repetition and concentration on the chant and the group . If the health-promoting effects are in the foreground (e.g. reducing stress , lowering blood pressure ), chanting is often referred to as "healing singing". Some hospitals and psychosomatic clinics offer chanting as a form of therapy.

Different forms of chanting can be found in many spiritual traditions, for example in Hinduism , Buddhism , Christianity , Judaism , Sufism , Wicca and among indigenous peoples . It is known as a religious practice among others among the followers of the Hare Krishna movement. Christian chanting can be found in the Taizé area, for example .


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