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Dominique Starck (* 1956 ) is a Swiss guitarist , composer and music teacher .


Dominique Starck comes from a family of musicians from Strasbourg , where the musical legacy has been passed on from generation to generation. In his youth he played as a guitarist and composer in various band formations. He studied at the Conservatory and the Zurich University of Music with Gertrud Brun and Walter Feybli and graduated in 1978 with a concert diploma with distinction. He studied composition with Josef Haselbach and devoted further studies to oriental, Far Eastern and African music.

His compositions were also influenced by music, Alexander , and Qigong studies with L. Jeng-Chun Chen (Taiwan) and studies of African music with Cheikh Tidiane Niane (Senegal).

Dominique Starck's chamber music concert activities have taken him through Europe and the USA with the Johannes Kobelt Quartet and various other formations (jazz and classical). Numerous CD, radio and TV recordings were made.

Through research work with Balthasar Staehelin (University of Zurich), John Buttrick (music therapist USA) and the encounters with Massais in Africa and Native Indians in the USA, Dominique Starck deepened his longstanding interest in the therapeutic aspects of music.

Dominique Starck received the Akademia Award USA for the best Ambient Instrumental Album in 2016 with the anniversary CD Remastered Guitar Works 1990-2010 . She also recorded with Dechen Shak Dagsay (Tibet) for her CD Jewel (Universal Music) 2010.

In 2015 The Two Cosmic Octaves was released with Harda Müller, monochord and Dominique Starck, guitars. In 2016 the duo with Marco Käppeli (percussion) and the ensemble “Mono Soma” (sound meditation) with Silvan Winkler (monochord, koto, pads) and Eva Luna Benedetti (voice) were founded. The Ensemble Mono Soma regularly gives concerts in various cities in Switzerland. The music of Mono Soma is also used for meditation and yoga.

In the last 20 years meditation music and a method of chanting and movement founded by Dominique Starck , the Chakra-Chant-Move (breath, sound, visualization and movement), a way of self-development.

In 2019 his book "Chanting: Connecting Heaven and Earth" was published by Chalice Verlag.


Music recordings

  • Baroque sonatas. (with Claude Starck , cello), DNDS 1031
  • Diamond. (with Daniel Neukom, flute), DNDS 1223-2
  • Chalice. Works by Frescobaldi, Bach, Albeniz, Starck and others, DNDS 1224
  • Inner Movements. Claves 50-9216
  • Journey Within. DNDS 1028-2
  • Remastered Guitar Works 1990-2010. DNDS Records
  • The sphere of poetry. (with Louis Jeng-Chun Chen, flute), DNDS 1061
  • Tune In. DNDS Records 21023
  • Winds. DNDS 3112-2
  • The Two Cosmic Octaves. with Harda Müller, Monochord.


  • Alchemy of the Octave. Arbor, Freiamt 1997, ISBN 3-924195-30-7 .
  • Healing chanting. Book and exercise CD. AT, Aarau 2011, ISBN 978-3-03800-534-6 .
  • Chanting: connecting heaven and earth . Chalice Verlag, ISBN 978.3.942914.369

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