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A character editor (also: character editor ) refers to a computer program with which 2D - or 3D - avatars or characters can be created. While a character editor records the entire character, pure editing of a texture is also known as a skin editor . Character editors are used, for example, in the creation of characters in computer games (mainly in role-playing games and life simulations ) and the development of computer games, the creation of profile pictures for websites and the creation of characters for animation or simulation purposes . For example, the shapes, sizes and colors of certain body parts and clothing can be adjusted. A character editor also relates to non-external values, such as skills, classes, character traits, etc. Character editors are often already included in games or programs or can be downloaded from the Internet at a later date . In addition to the actual providers of the product, this can also be done via third-party providers and mods from fans. Some providers also offer the option of creating characters in a browser and then saving and exporting them in a common graphic format. For many development and graphics programs there are special options or extensions for character creation.

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