Christian Union of Germany

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The Christian Union of Germany - CGD is a small association of workers in Germany. It describes itself as a union , but does not meet the legal requirements of a union after a court decision that is binding on everyone on its tariff eligibility. The CGD was founded on February 9, 1990 in Gera in the GDR as the Christian trade union of Germany in the GDR and acquired legal capacity under GDR law.

Although the CGD had only a few members, it made contact with the employers' association BHKH - Federal Association of Wood and Plastic Processing Crafts - at the beginning of 1998 . Together with the Christian trade union federation CGB and the DHV - German Trade and Industrial Employees Association , she concluded a general collective agreement for the carpentry trade in 1998 . The fact that the DGB trade union GHK ( trade union wood and plastics ) merged with IG Metall was exploited . This collective agreement concluded by the CGD and DHV provided for massive income losses compared to the previous GHK collective agreement.

At the request of IG Metall and IG Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt , the Gera Labor Court found in 2002 that the CGD is not a trade union in the sense of labor law because it does not have the necessary power to assert itself against its social opponents and in terms of its organizational structure capable of fulfilling the tasks that would be placed on a union that is subject to collective bargaining. The decision of the Labor Court in Gera is final after the CGD withdrew its complaint on May 7, 2004 because of the lack of prospects of success.

Individual evidence

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