Christoph Jonas

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Christoph Jonas (* around 1510 in Königsberg (Prussia) ; † February 21, 1582 there ) was a German legal scholar and Prussian politician.


The son of the old town councilor Nikolaus Jonas started studying at the University of Wittenberg on August 22, 1529 as a scholarship holder of Duke Albrecht of Prussia . Here he had acquired the academic degree of a master's degree in the winter semester of 1535 and became a member of the senate of the philosophical faculty in the summer semester of 1538. He acted as their dean in the winter semester of 1542/43 and made a trip to Italy in 1543, where he can be found in Rome and Padua . In Italy, on April 9, 1544, he met Joachim Moller, where he was awarded a doctorate in law.

In 1544 he received a professorship in law at the newly founded University of Königsberg and in 1548 was its rector . In addition, from 1544 he was princely councilor to Duke Albrecht.

On February 1, 1554, he resigned from his university post to devote himself to the political questions of the time at the Duke's court. In 1562 he became Vice Chancellor and was active in various diplomatic tasks.


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