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Colossendeis australis on a plate from the first description by Thomas Vere Hodgson, 1907

Colossendeis australis on a plate from the first description by Thomas Vere Hodgson , 1907

Trunk : Arthropod (arthropoda)
Sub-stem : Jawbearers (Chelicerata)
Class : Woodlouse spiders (Pycnogonida)
Order : Colossendeomorpha
Family : Colossendeidae
Scientific name
Hoek , 1881

The Colossendeidae are the only family of the order Colossendeomorpha within the woodlouse spiders (Pycnogonida). They contain the largest species of woodlouse spiders and can reach leg lengths of up to 24 centimeters. It turns Dodecalopoda mawsoni the largest species of the group is while the rod-like locusts Pipetta TYPES one only 1 cm long body possess. The species live almost exclusively in the southern Pacific and Atlantic as well as in the waters of the Antarctic .


The species of the Colossendeidae are partly characterized by their particular size within the woodlouse spiders. They can have eight, ten or twelve up to 24 centimeters long and very thin legs, whereby the species of the genus Dodecalopoda are the only 12-legged species of woodpecker spiders. The trunk is very thick and as long as the rest of the body of the animals. The small Pipetta contrast TYPES resemble elongated, terrestrial in habit stick insects and reach a body length of just one centimeter at legs of about 0.8 centimeters long.


The following species belong to this group, including the species that were formerly part of a separate family Decalopodidae (with first description and year of description):


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