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Lithograph from 1900 (color map) from the Polytechnic in Munich, which is now called the Technical University of Munich .
Typical color card with the coat of arms of the association and signatures with compasses.

A couleur card is a postcard from a student union that is printed with different couleur elements of the association. The Couleur card came shortly after the introduction of the postcards mid-1860s on, that is an adaptation of student practices to a changing communication patterns. The motifs are derived from this pedigree sheet of the 18th century and the Kneip image from. As a rule, these are coats of arms , compasses , colored strips or shields. Views of the university buildings or the university location are also widespread , but also genre representations from fraternity student life ( pub , dining hall, etc.). Satirical representations, for example of animals in the color of the respective connection, were common in the past, but have become rather rare today.

Color cards are used to send greetings from Association events to people who cannot be there. It is customary to combine the signatures of as many event participants as possible on the card in order to convey an impression of the atmosphere and the success of the event.

The motifs are kept as timeless as possible so that the cards can be used over a longer period of time (cost savings through high circulation). Sometimes, however, cards are specially issued for special events, such as large foundation celebrations or university anniversaries .

Historical as well as contemporary color cards are now a popular collector's item, not only among fraternity students .


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