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Peter Ferdinand Krause (born July 28, 1940 in Vienna ) is an Austrian student historian and administrative officer .


Born as the son of civil servant Ferdinand Krause (1910–1991), Peter Ferdinand Krause served as a one-year volunteer in the Austrian Armed Forces after graduating from high school . He studied law at the University of Vienna and was awarded a Dr. iur. PhD . After his court year he joined the Lower Austrian regional service in 1965 and worked in the district authorities in Mistelbach , Gänserndorf and Mödling . From 1971 to 1981 he headed the office of Governor Andreas Maurer as secretary . From 1982 to 2000 he was director of the Lower Austrian state parliament . During his time there were over 250 meetings. Under his direction, among other things, documentation of festive meetings, inquiries and the biographical manual of the state parliament and the state government were created.

He was the initiator in 1969 and is chairman of the Austrian Association for Student History . He was also chairman of the middle school cartel association . In 1992 he was the scientific exhibition director of the exhibition “ Gaudeamus igitur ” at Schloss Schallaburg for the Lower Austrian State Museum , after the “ Student Customs ” exhibition of the folklore collection had already taken place in 1983 .

He is a member of various Catholic school and student associations, including the K.Ö.St.V. Waldmark zu Neunkirchen, the K.Ö.St.V. Sonnberg zu Perchtoldsdorf, the K.Ö.St.V. Grail zu Klagenfurt, the K.Ö.St.V. Sponheim zu Wolfsberg, the K.Ö.St.V. Nibelungia zu Vienna, the K.Ö.St.V. Kuenring zu Krems, K.Ö.St.V. Austro-Danubia zu Vienna and the K.Ö.St.V. Vindobona I in Vienna - all in the MKV as well as the Ö.kaV Rhaeto-Danubia in Vienna in the ÖCV , the KDSt.V. Ferdinandea (Prague) zu Heidelberg in the CV and the K.St.V. Pragensis Prague in the EKV .

He was the editor of Acta Studentica , editor of the articles on Austrian student history and co-editor of the Tradition and Future series and the GDS archive .


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