Crane Glacier

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Crane Glacier
location Grahamland , Antarctic Peninsula
length 48 km
Coordinates 65 ° 20 ′  S , 62 ° 15 ′  W Coordinates: 65 ° 20 ′  S , 62 ° 15 ′  W
Crane Glacier (Antarctic Peninsula)
Crane Glacier
drainage Exasperation Inlet

The Crane Glacier is a narrow and 48 km long glacier that flows in the east of Graham Land on the Antarctic Peninsula in an east-northeast direction through a deep basin to the Exasperation Inlet . When it was sighted in 1928, its discoverer, the Australian polar explorer Hubert Wilkins , thought it was a canal that cuts the Antarctic Peninsula from east to west.

Participants in the British Graham Land Expedition (1934-1937), led by the Australian polar explorer John Rymill, identified it as a fjord-like inlet. Comparisons of the aerial photographs made by Wilkins with those of the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey from 1947 showed that this must be the glacier described here, although the position given by Wilkins is about 120 km further northeast. It is named after the American welfare worker and anti-drug activist Charles Kittredge Crane (1881–1932).

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