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Area of ​​Expertise Cryptology
language English
publishing company Taylor & Francis ( United Kingdom )
First edition 1977
Frequency of publication bi-monthly
Editor-in-chief Craig P. Bauer
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Article archive from 1st year (1977) , limited preview;
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Cryptologia is an English-language specialist journal on the subject of cryptology .

The magazine has been published by the Taylor & Francis publishing group since its first edition in January 1977, initially quarterly and from January 2016 bimonthly. It is dedicated to all facets of cryptology, i.e. cryptography and cryptanalysis , with a special focus on the history of cryptology , especially on historical cryptographic machines and methods.

Founded Cryptologia by Brian J. angle, David Kahn , Louis Kruh, Cipher A. Deavours and Greg Mellen.

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supporting documents

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