Crystal Atari browser

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Crystal Atari Browser (CAB)
Basic data

developer Alexander Clauss
Current  version 2.8
operating system Atari , TOS
category Web browser
License proprietary
German speaking Yes

Crystal Atari Browser (CAB) is a web browser for TOS systems ( Atari ST , Atari TT , Atari Falcon , Milan , Hades ). It was written by the Darmstadt developer Alexander Clauss.

CAB supports the HTML standard up to and including version 3.2 and the most important HTML extensions of Netscape Navigator 3.0 and the former Microsoft Internet Explorer , including tables, frames and GIF animations . Together with a special text editor, CAB can also be used to design your own HTML documents. Changes to a page are then immediately displayed in CAB without having to manually reload the document. CAB indicates errors in the HTML file with an icon in the toolbar. With a size of 350 KB, the program is slim and fast. CAB is one of the most popular web browsers for the Atari platform.

CAB was distributed by Application Systems Heidelberg . The development was stopped with version 2.8 in 2001. The successor to the program is iCab for Mac OS , Mac OS X and iOS .

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