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Cyann - Daughter of the Stars (original title Le Cycle de Cyann ) is a series of comics by François Bourgeon , which was created in collaboration with Claude Lacroix . The work can be assigned to the genre science fiction .


The heroine of the title is Cyann Olsimar, who is at the beginning of her adult life. At first she is shown as an easy-going, cynical and arrogant member of the ruling upper class of the Majo. It is only through her friendship with Nacara ThilvarO from the lower class of the Mino that she maintains contact with the world outside of her own class. The outbreak of a deadly plague, purple fever, which only affects men, on their home planet Olh forces Cyann to take responsibility in the search for an antidote. Cyann is tasked with leading an expedition to the planet Il Planeten, where she finds both the cause and the cure for the disease. The plague was caused by the believers of the BOrn, a religious group on Olh. On IlO Cyann gets access to the gates, portals to a network that enables travel through space (and time) and is authorized to use it by the guards via this network. While Cyann decides to explore the network, she lets Nacara take over the government on Olh. Subsequently, in the course of the series, she experiences adventures on different planets, whose different natural and cultural living conditions are presented in detail.


The first four volumes were published from 1993 to 2007 by Casterman and in Germany from 1994 to 2007 by Carlsen Verlag . In 1997 the accompanying volume La clé des confins was only released in French . 2012 and 2014 appeared in France at 12 to a fifth and a sixth volume. Splitter started a new edition in Germany , with volumes 5 and 6 appearing in 2013 and 2015, respectively.


  1. The dying planet (original title: La sOurce et la sOnde ), 1993
  2. Six moons on Il☉ (original title: Six Saisons sur il☉ ), 1997
  3. Aïeïa von Aldaal (original title: Aïeïa d'Aldaal ), 2005
  4. The colors of Marcades (Original title: Les Couleurs de Marcade ), 2007
  5. The corridors of the meantime (original title: Les Couloirs de l'Entretemps ), 2012
  6. The gentle twilight of Aldalarann (Original title: Les Aubes douces d'Aldalarann ), 2014


  • Prix ​​Ozone, Bande dessinée francophone for Six Moons on Ilo , 1998
  • Angoulême Prix Alph-Art du Public for Six Moons on Ilo , 1998


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