DIN 1310

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Area Chemistry physics
title Composition of mixed phases (gas mixtures, solutions, mixed crystals); Terms, symbols
Brief description: defines content values ​​for the quantitative description of the composition of mixed phases
Latest edition 1984-02
ISO ( DIN EN ISO 80000-9 includes a subset of the content values ​​from DIN 1310)

The DIN standard DIN 1310 contains terms, symbols , definitions and units for physico-chemical quantities for the quantitative description of the composition of mixed phases / substance mixtures (so-called content information ).


The standard was first published in April 1926, more recent editions in September 1970 and December 1979. The currently valid edition was published in February 1984.

Content classification

  1. General
  2. Word combinations with -part
  3. Word compounds with concentration
  4. Word combinations with-relation
  5. Molality
  6. salary
  7. Composition of the composition sizes

Overview of the salary levels described

The following table summarizes the content values ​​defined in DIN 1310 with names and symbols. The indices refer to the considered mixture components i and j in the substance mixture.

Salary levels according to DIN 1310
Masses - ... Amount of substance - ... Particle number - ... Volume - ...
... - share Mass fraction w i Mole fraction x i Particle number fraction X i Volume fraction φ i
… - concentration Mass concentration β i Molar concentration c i Particle number concentration C i Volume concentration σ i
... - ratio Mass ratio ζ ij Molar ratio r ij Particle number ratio R ij Volume ratio ψ ij
amount of substance / mass
Molality b i
specific amount of partial substance q i (note)
(Note) For this size only definition and unit are given in DIN 1310, the designation and symbols are taken from DIN 32625.