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Area Assessments
title Requirements for job-related aptitude diagnostics
Brief description: Specifications and principles for job-related aptitude assessments
Latest edition 2016-07 (2002-06 first version)
ISO 10667 (not identical)

The DIN standard DIN 33430: 2016-07 describes requirements for job-related aptitude diagnostics . The addition after the number of DIN indicates the year and month of publication and thus the currently valid version of the standard. The first version of the standard with the designation Requirements for procedures and their use in job-related aptitude assessments was published as early as 2002 . All valid DIN standards are checked regularly and then revised if necessary. On this occasion, the responsible working committee at DIN also reformulated the name for the standard that is now in force.


The subject of DIN 33430 is quality criteria and standards for job-related aptitude diagnostics. The standard applies to all situations in which suitability for people is assessed. It is classified as a service standard at DIN and makes statements

  • Qualifications of the people involved,
  • Quality of the instruments used and
  • Interaction and design of process steps and procedures.

It thus adequately reflects the complexity of the aptitude diagnostic process. Because incorrectly applied or in the hands of insufficiently trained people, even the best methods are not DIN-compliant. For this reason, there is no procedure that fulfills the DIN criteria in and of itself without taking into account the qualifications of the people and compliance with the processes. Therefore, the standard should not be applied in the sense of a “test seal of approval”.


The goals of the standard are

  • the dissemination of scientifically based information on job-related proficiency assessments;
  • improving the quality of the same as well as supporting the development and further development of procedures.

Personnel decisions themselves are not the subject of the standard; they remain the responsibility of the client. The aim is to provide a diagnostic foundation for this decision.

Specifically, DIN 33430 refers to

  • the planning of job-related proficiency assessments;
  • the selection, compilation, implementation and evaluation of procedures and
  • on the interpretation of the results of the proceedings and the formation of judgment.

She also formulates

  • Requirements for the qualification of the persons involved in the suitability assessment.

The norm serves

  • Service providers (…) as a guide for planning and conducting proficiency assessments;
  • Clients in organizations as a yardstick for evaluating external offers in the context of job-related aptitude tests;
  • HR managers in the quality assurance and optimization of HR decisions, and
  • protecting candidates from improper or abusive application of proficiency assessment procedures.

For the areas mentioned, standards are formulated for the care required for the attainment of goals (suitability assessment) and for the acquisition of knowledge, whereby the respective order and the framework conditions must be considered simultaneously. The stipulations and guiding principles also indirectly result in indications for the proper and professional development and evaluation of tests, (assessment) procedures, selection criteria, etc. DIN 33430 defines procedures as "tried and tested and scientifically proven means of knowledge that are standardized for suitability assessment are used, ”(p. 23 f.) and mentions in particular aptitude interviews, biographical questionnaires, job-related personality questionnaires, assessment centers , work samples and tests . The reviews of test procedures commissioned by the Test Board of the Federation of German Psychological Associations are also to follow a scheme based on DIN 33430 in the future.

Revised version of the standard in 2016

From March 2011, a national mirror committee according to the Services Standards Committee (NADL) was working on a revision of DIN 33430. It should take account of the changed framework conditions, in particular the developments in computer-aided aptitude tests and individual specifications of the ISO standards.

In October 2014 the revised draft standard DIN 33430 "Requirements for job-related aptitude diagnostics" was published. The revised standard has been available since July 2016.

Compared to the standard published in 2002, the following changes have been made:

  • Appendix A on requirements for procedural instructions has been shortened, modified and transferred to normative appendices A (requirements for handling instructions for processes) and B (requirements for procedural instructions for questionnaires and tests based on measurement theory);
  • The informative Appendix B with glossary has been deleted;
  • The informative Appendix C on instructions for the tendering of aptitude diagnostic processes and procedures in compliance with DIN 33430 has been added;
  • The suitability characteristics have been differentiated, a distinction is made among others. a. Qualification characteristics or competencies and potential;
  • The standard now differentiates between service providers, observers and aptitude testers;
  • The process step “planning of job-related aptitude assessments” in the aspects “order clarification”, “requirements analysis” and “planning” has been specified;
  • The requirements for procedures were specified in procedure-independent requirements and procedure-dependent requirements;
  • Specification of the process step "Documentation of the procedure".


On the basis of DIN, Kersting developed checklists in 2006 and in a revised version in 2008 for the assessment of procedures, which have been declared the standard for information and documentation of instruments for recording human experience and behavior. Reimann (2009) presented another checklist.

As these checklists contain definable modules for procedures, people and processes, the standard can be handled while maintaining its process character.

The application of the standard is voluntary. Providers can undertake to comply with the standard by self-declaration. In October 2014 there was an initiative of the CDU parliamentary group in the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia to oblige the state administration of North Rhine-Westphalia to apply DIN 33430 to suitability assessments.


A DIN-compliant certification of the job-related suitability assessment as an overall service is possible with independent certification bodies that are accredited by the German Accreditation Service (DAkkS ) for the certification of product / service standards according to DIN EN ISO 17065 . This includes DIN CERTCO (certification company of the TÜV Rheinland Group and the DIN German Institute for Standardization e.V. ), which has launched a certification program for the overall process of suitability assessment in accordance with the current DIN 33430: 2016. The value of a certificate is determined by the market weight of the certification body. Certificates from non-accredited organizations have little value because they were issued by an untrustworthy body.

The Federation of German Psychological Associations offers a license that relates purely to the personal knowledge requirements (Chapter 9) of DIN 33430. The DIN Academy offers blended learning modules as training for these personal knowledge requirements. At DIN CERTCO / TÜV Rheinland, tests for a DIN CERTCO-certified aptitude diagnostician or a DIN CERTCO-certified observer for aptitude diagnostics can be taken. These performance certificates are not required for the performance of aptitude test. However, they are included in the examination of the standard conformity of the overall aptitude diagnostic process.


Critics of the norm see u. a. The following: Their difficult comprehension for non-psychologists, a feared high documentation and workload, the risk of the emergence of a "certification industry" or the increase in costs for diagnostics. The z. B. the advantages of a gain in transparency, the reduction of costs due to wrong decisions and the increase in the legal certainty of personnel decisions based on DIN 33430.

ISO 10667

On the initiative of the Professional Association of German Psychologists, the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) was commissioned to apply to the ISO in Geneva for a standardization process for an international standard . In March 2007, an international ISO working group was set up to develop DIN 33430 and other national and international standards into an ISO standard "Psychological Assessment" (Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings). A final form of the standard was published in October 2011. The ISO 10667 standard Assessment service delivery - Procedures and methods to assess people in work and organizational settings is divided into two parts (Part 1: Requirements for the client , Part 2: Requirements for service providers ). Initial analyzes show that it represents a lower level of methodological requirements than DIN 33430, which makes the selection and evaluation of suitable processes more difficult. It is more tailored to the American market, which is why it was written in two parts.

Since there has been a technical committee at ISO level since 2011 (ISO TC 260) that deals exclusively with the processing and development of international standards for personnel management, the TMB (Technical Management Board) of ISO decided in 2016 to convert both parts of the ISO 16667 can be assigned to ISO TC 260. The committee then decided to revise the two sub-standards. The rationale for this revision was primarily the technical progress and in particular the emerging use of AI in assessment and screening. The revision is currently taking place in working group 5 (Workgrouss 5) of ISO TC 260.


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