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The archive

Area of ​​Expertise Postal history, telecommunications, communication history
language German
First edition 1953
Frequency of publication four times a year
Editor-in-chief Margret Baumann
editor German Society for Post and Telecommunication History in cooperation with the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunication
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The archive is a magazine for the history of communication, the first forerunner going back to 1925.


The first forerunner of the magazine was the Archive for Postal History in Bavaria from 1925 . The second forerunner was the journal Deutsche Postgeschichte , which was published by the Reich Ministry of Post from 1939 . The prerequisite for today's magazine was the establishment of the Society for German Postal History in 1949 by 25 representatives from the main administration for the postal and telecommunications system , including the Oberpostdirektion and two members of the Society for Research into Postal History in Bavaria . The first issue of the magazine was published as the Archive for German Postal History in 1953 and from 1954 a new issue was published twice a year. On the occasion of the XIX. World Postal Congress 1984 in Hamburg there was an additional special edition.

In the course of the Post Structural Reform II of 1995, the German Society for Post and Telecommunications History (DGPT) was founded, which has now published the magazine and thus it was subdivided into six regional areas (north, east, west, center, south and southwest) . Due to the economic reorganization at the same time, the magazine was now called the history of post and telecommunications , with regional editions and the contents were now increasingly from the history of communication.

In 2002 there was another change after the funding by the Post and Deutsche Telekom was discontinued. Now it had to finance itself through membership fees and the new co-editor was now the Museum Foundation Post and Telecommunications . Now the main title was the archive of subtitles changed from postal and telecommunications history to magazine for postal and telecommunications history and then to magazine for communications history . There are four editions per year, the regional editions have been dropped and are now represented in the regional section.


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