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The art paper

Area of ​​Expertise art
language German
publishing company Kiepenheuer, Gustav (Germany)
First edition 1916
attitude 1933
Frequency of publication per month
Editor-in-chief Paul Westheim

The art paper was published by Paul Westheim in 1917 at Gustav Kiepenheuer Verlag in Weimar , from 1918 Potsdam , and was one of the leading journals on contemporary art in Germany until it was discontinued in 1933.


A first issue of the magazine appeared in the publishing house of the gallery in Israel Ber Neumann in 1916. From January 1917 Das Kunstblatt appeared monthly. In terms of the program, the cover of the first issue in 1917 read: “The Kunstblatt wants to serve emerging art.” Right from the start, the Kunstblatt was the mouthpiece of Expressionism and then of all subsequent contemporary art movements that were presented and discussed here at an early stage. The magazine benefited from the fact that it could always appear with images.

The series of authors who were represented in the first issues was already programmatic: Fritz Burger , Theodor Däubler , Gustav Friedrich Hartlaub , Wilhelm Hausenstein , Paul Erich Küppers , Max Raphael , Gustav Schiefler and others. Later critics such as Carl Einstein , Will Grohmann , Franz Roh , Alfred Salmony , Paul Ferdinand Schmidt and Willy Wolfradt were added. Programmatic texts by artists like George Grosz were also reprinted again and again. Westheim saw Das Kunstblatt as a place of trend-setting debates, e.g. B. about new art styles or techniques with which he set the tone in the art politics of the Weimar Republic . These were deliberately controversial and critical of the daily press and other art magazines.

The art paper was published in 1926-27 by the Academic Publishing Company Athenaion in Potsdam and from 1927 by the Hermann Reckendorf publishing house in Berlin. After years of coping with economic difficulties, the magazine had to discontinue its publication with the March 1933 issue due to the National Socialist dictatorship. The publisher was expropriated and Westheim had to flee into exile.

Exhibitions (selection)

  • Young artists, 1930
  • “Children want to play”, 1930
  • “Drawn or snapped?” Portrait drawings, graphics and photos, 1930


Reprint of all volumes published from 1917 in 1978 by Kraus Reprint, Nendeln / Liechtenstein.

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