The cold paradise

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Original title The cold paradise
Country of production Switzerland
original language German
Publishing year 1986
length 90 minutes
Director Bernard Šafařík
production Bernard Šafařík

The Cold Paradise is a 90-minute fictional film that Bernard Šafařík made in 1986. It is Safarik's second feature film.


The Eastern European refugee Jan comes to the “cold paradise” Switzerland . He suffers from his asylum status.


"Fast, sexy, sometimes funny, but mostly in a minor key ..."

- Der Spiegel : Asylum seekers in the "Cold Paradise"

Prizes / awards / performances

The film was awarded at the following festivals:

  • Saarbrücken
  • San Remo
  • Brussels

He was invited to the festivals by:

  • Montreal
  • London
  • Cairo
  • Strasbourg
  • Warsaw
  • Solothurn
  • Locarno
  • Nuremberg
  • Taipei
  • Lyon
  • Copenhagen

The film was shown in cinemas in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. In Germany, the film was named Film of the Month for February 1987. It was broadcast on television: DRS, ARD, Arte, 3sat, ČT, ORB, BR, NDR, SR, WDR etc.

Thanks to Pro Helvetia , it was also shown in Latin America, France and Canada.

He received a study grant from the federal government, Bern 1986.


  • The cold paradise: e. Film by Bernard Safarik; with Nohemi Dragonné, Julius Effenberger; BSF production, CH-Basel, co-production I. Akos u. SRG; [Switzerland 1986]. Volume 83 of Top-Film-Programm, Top-Film-Programm

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