Permanent construction site

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A permanent construction site is a place, a construction site , where construction work takes place for an unusually long period of time ( permanently ) . In contrast to this is the daytime construction site .

Each and every construction project is considered to be completed at some point or the construction work will be abandoned at some point. There is therefore no permanent construction site in the construction industry , even if longer-term construction sites on motorways are administratively designated as such. Large structures as such, however, have a certain tendency to become permanent construction sites - in the sense of a place of constant individual construction measures: changes in use or changes in the law sometimes lead to constant extensions or changes to an existing building structure. For example, certain parts of a large hospital can be demolished, converted or rebuilt, while other areas are not affected at all. Very large individual structures require maintenance measures which, even without significant alterations, require constant activity on the part of builders, just to secure the building fabric as such in the course of renovations (prominent examples of this are the Cologne Cathedral or the Golden Gate Bridge ). Large infrastructure systems such as a motorway network or the track systems of a large railway system also require constant maintenance measures.