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David Bordwell (born July 23, 1947 ) is an American film scholar . He taught as a professor for film studies at the University of Wisconsin and is an annual guest lecturer at the international film school in Cologne . His book Film Art: An Introduction , written together with his wife, the film scholar Kristin Thompson (* 1950), is considered one of the standard works in film studies. Bordwell lives in Madison with his wife .

Bordwell studied film studies at the University of Iowa , where he also received his PhD. In his first work, Film Art , published in 1979 together with Kristin Thompson, he postulated the teaching approach of neoformalism , which is based on the Russian formalism of the early 20th century. In rejection of a psychoanalytic film theory that reduces film to its unconscious effect on the viewer, in neoformalism a consideration of the film comes to the fore, in which the stylistic norms and conventions of the film in their aesthetic expression and effect with regard to the expectations of the viewer and the Possibility of consciously understanding them to be examined. Bordwell takes a cognitivistically oriented approach that seeks to make connections between film structure and audience reception recognizable and schematize.

Bordwell researched in the areas of the author theory , where he published on Ozu Yasujirō , Carl Theodor Dreyer and Sergej Eisenstein . He also focused on Hong Kong cinema , the history of cinematic style development and cinematic narrative theory .


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