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David M. Rohl (born September 12, 1950 in Manchester ) is a British Egyptologist . He developed a controversial theory on the chronology of Ancient Egypt , Israel, and Palestine . He dates the exodus of Israel from Egypt to 1447 BC. Chr. Rohl was active in the 1970s as a composer and producer for his project "Mandalaband" (album: The Eye Of Vendor: Prophecies) and as a sound engineer.

In 1986 he became editor of the Journal of the Ancient Chronology Forum. In 1990 he obtained a BA in Early History and Egyptology. The subject of his doctoral thesis at University College London was the chronology of the Third Intermediate Period in Egypt - long after Prof. Kenneth Kitchen published his work on the chronology of the Third Intermediate Period in Egypt in 1973, which reignited debates about this chronology.
David Rohl was also President of the Sussex Egyptology Society (SES).

A detailed discussion of his theses can be found in Pieter Gert van der Veen and Uwe Zerbst Biblical Archeology at the Crossroads? (2002/2003). Although these authors also assume a shorter chronology, they consider Rohl's chronology to be too drastic.


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  • Peter van der Veen, Uwe Zerbst (Ed.): Biblical Archeology at the Crossroads? Pros and cons of re-dating archaeological epochs in Old Testament Palestine , Hänssler, Holzgerlingen 2002, ISBN 3-7751-3851-X (debate on Rohl's new chronology).

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