Demographic change

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The demographic change describes in general usage the change in the population composition of a society. Demographic change is noted and discussed above all in the context of the long-term recognizable population dynamics of a country. B. the demographic change in Germany . The term demographic transition must be distinguished from this . This describes a certain sequence of different phases of demographic change over longer periods of time. In numerous countries in the western world , the aging of the population as a result of demographic change is a particular topic of discussion.

General dimensions of demographic change

The term demographic change can refer to the following population changes:

  • the total number of its members
  • their numerical structure according to:
    • Age groups
    • the relationship between the sexes,
    • the proportions of residents, foreigners and naturalized persons in the population,
    • the development of births and deaths,
    • the arrivals and departures.

Demographic change in rural areas

The ECOnet team around the political scientist Peter Filzmaier analyzes the effects of demographic change in rural areas in Austria. The studies predict an overall population growth of 9 percent and no population decline in rural areas until 2050. However, a 5 percent decline in the working age population can be expected if the current age limits for employment remain the same. The pure change in the structure of the population is therefore only a problem for society in terms of its implications as we look at it today.

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