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The young cook is a standard work for professional training as a chef and has been sold over 500,000 times since its first edition in 1937. The book was initially published by the Hermann Killinger publishing house; the bombed-out publishing house was rebuilt as a specialist book publisher Pfanneberg , which has been the publisher since the Second World War. Today (as of 2015) the publisher is a subsidiary of Europa-Lehrmittel .

The author of the first editions was Carl Friebel. Then Heinz Klinger took over the editing, later in collaboration with Hermann Grüner. In the 34th edition Hermann Grüner, Reinhold Metz and Michael Hummel are named as authors, in the 36th edition (2015) alongside Hermann Grüner and Reinhold Metz also Conrad Krödel, Frank Brandes, Thomas Wolffgang and Marco Voll.

In 1974 the work was awarded the gold medal at the literary competition of the Gastronomic Academy of Germany .

The 33rd and 35th editions of the book have been updated and since the 33rd edition it has been published in combination with a CD-ROM. This includes a trainer to prepare for the final exam, an electronic dictionary, legal texts and recipe management. In addition, an online platform was set up in order to be able to respond to current trends, for example.

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