The Croatian fist

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Title: The Croatian fist
Genus: tragedy
Author: Slobodan Šnajder
Premiere: July 7, 1982
Place of premiere: Split
Place and time of the action: Zagreb 1941
  • Gretchen
  • fist
  • Mephisto
  • Senior director
  • Local group leader

The Croatian Faust is a play by the Yugoslav playwright Slobodan Šnajder that premiered in 1982 .


Summer 1941: in Zagreb National Theater of the local leader who demands Ustasha to the ensemble, the homage to the German occupation forces Faust of Goethe perform. The actors, intimidated by the sacking of all non-Croatians (including Jews), are reluctant to follow orders.

Immediately after the premiere, the actor Faust disappears and goes to the partisans . The actors of Gretchen and Mephisto are exposed as communists and executed.

After the Russian and Yugoslav partisans marched into Zagreb, the new rulers demanded that Faust be performed again.

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