Derby Island

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Derby Island
Waters Lake D'Urville
Archipelago Dumoulin Islands
Geographical location 66 ° 38 ′  S , 140 ° 5 ′  E Coordinates: 66 ° 38 ′  S , 140 ° 5 ′  E
Derby Island (Antarctica)
Derby Island

The Derby Island ( French Île du Derby ) is a small rocky island off the coast of the East Antarctic Adélielands . It is located immediately north of the Astrolabe glacier tongue and 800 m southwest of Pasteur Island at the southern end of the Dumoulin Islands in the Géologie archipelago .

Aerial photos of the island were taken during the US Operation Highjump (1946–1947). French scientists mapped them during a research expedition lasting from 1949 to 1951. It was named after the competition ( derby ) of individual groups on this expedition to be the first to reach the island.

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