Franco-German Defense and Security Council

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The Franco-German Defense and Security Council ( DFVSR , French Conseil franco-allemand de défense et de sécurité , CFADS) is a permanent institution in Paris that coordinates Franco - German cooperation in the field of security and defense policy. As part of the council, summits of the heads of state and government of the two countries as well as some cabinet members and the military take place every six months.

History of the DFVSR

The Élysée Treaty of January 22, 1963 provided for Franco-German cooperation in the areas of foreign, security and educational policy. Due to divergent interests between the two countries (especially with regard to NATO ), Franco-German relations on security and defense issues were limited to a few symbolic acts (such as the development of the Transall ). Only in the 1980s did the relations move, so there were major joint maneuvers in the army around 1986/87 (→ Kecker Spatz ).

At the institutional level, the defense ministers of both countries took part in regular summits from 1982 onwards, and a Franco-German committee for defense and security was set up. In order to better coordinate the growing relationship, the establishment of the Franco-German Defense and Security Council was announced on the occasion of the 50th Franco-German consultations in Karlsruhe (1987). On January 22, 1988, Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl and French President François Mitterrand signed the supplementary protocol to the Élysée Treaty via the DFVSR in Paris in order to further develop cooperation in the field of defense and security. In addition to the heads of state and government, the council includes foreign ministers, defense ministers, the inspector general of the Bundeswehr and the French chief of staff.


The chairpersons of the council are the respective heads of state and government, i. H. the German Chancellor , the French President and the French Prime Minister . The Council Committee consists of the Foreign Ministers , the Defense Ministers and the Chief of Staff of the French Armed Forces ( chef d'état-major des Armées ) and the Inspector General of the Bundeswehr .

The Franco-German Committee for Defense and Security (see above) is subordinate to the Council and is chaired by officials from the foreign ministries as well as the French Chief of Staff and the German General Inspector. Within the committee there are working groups on areas such as military cooperation, arms cooperation and the like. Ä.

The DFVSR secretariat is located in Paris .


The last meeting of the body took place on October 16, 2019 in Toulouse, where a higher-level Franco-German Council of Ministers met at the same time .

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