German Academy for Child and Adolescent Medicine

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German Academy for Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine V.
purpose Commitment to the health and well-being of children and young people and their medical care
Executive Director: Hans-Iko Huppertz (General Secretary)
Establishment date: 1988
Seat : Berlin

The German Academy for Child and Adolescent Medicine e. V. (DAKJ) is the umbrella organization of the pediatric and youth medical societies and professional associations in Germany, based in Berlin .

This coordinates and processes the common concerns of the child and youth medical associations and represents them externally. The DAKJ was founded in 1988 as the umbrella organization for pediatric societies in Germany.


Founding members:

Other organizations have also been represented in the DAKJ since 2010:

and since 2012

  • the Society of Children's Hospitals and Children's Wards in Germany e. V.

The following institutions have the right to make proposals as co-opted members (without voting rights):


The work of the DAKJ takes place in commissions. The following commissions are currently (2013) active:

  • Ethical Committee,
  • Infectious Diseases and Vaccination Commission,
  • Commission for further training and structural issues,
  • Youth Medicine Commission,
  • Commission Child Health in Day Care Centers,
  • Child Protection Commission.

The statements and recommendations of the commissions are published on the DAKJ homepage and in pediatric journals ( monthly Pediatric Medicine, Pediatrician, Pediatrician Practice). The Child Health Commission in Day Care Centers oversees an information portal for KiTa employees and parents.

Helmut Stickl Prize

Since 1992 the association has been awarding the Helmut Stickl Prize for outstanding achievements in promoting the idea of ​​vaccination.

Children's environment gGmbH

The Kinderumwelt gGmbH - pediatric advice center for allergy and environmental issues is a subsidiary based in Osnabrück.

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