German Model Aviation Association

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Deutscher Modellflieger Verband eV
000 DMFV main logo 4C.jpg
sport Model flying
Founded 3rd November 1972
Place of foundation Bad Vilbel
president Hans Schwägerl
societies 1,300
Members 90,000
Association headquarters Bonn-Duisdorf

The Sportverband Deutscher Modellflieger Verband eV (DMFV) is the largest interest group specializing in model flying in Germany with over 90,000 members in around 1,300 member clubs (as of May 2020). It was founded on November 3, 1972 by entry in the register of associations of the Bad Vilbel District Court . Its aim is to maintain, maintain and develop model flying, in particular by promoting and supporting club and youth work.

Legal basis

According to § 4a of the "Ordinance on the Commissioning of Air Sports Associations (BeauftrV)", the DMFV is on an equal footing with the DAeC in performing the following public tasks in connection with the use of the airspace by model aircraft in accordance with Section 1, Paragraph 1, No. 8 of the "Air Traffic Licensing Regulations (LuftVZO)" entrusts:

  1. Issuing of type certification of model aircraft with a maximum take-off mass of more than 25 kilograms and up to 150 kilograms
  2. Granting of permits for pilots of these model aircraft
  3. Issuance of permits for training pilots of these model aircraft
  4. Collection of costs according to the cost regulation of the aviation administration in the currently valid version.

According to § 21a of the "Air Traffic Regulations (LuftVO)", the DMFV eV is entitled to issue proof of knowledge according to § 21e (LuftVO) for pilots of model aircraft and privately used multicopters.

Another important feature of the organization is its function as insurance carriers in model sport in cooperation with the HDI Global SE .


The members of the five-person presidium are elected at the annual general meeting. In addition to the President, Vice-President and Treasurer, it includes the chairmen of the Sports Council and the Area Council. 21 sports speakers represent the model classes represented in the DMFV, from electric flight , powered flight and glider flight to slow flyers and model helicopters . A total of 36 regional representatives (as of February 2019) are the link between the associations they represent and the Presidium. They support you with legal and organizational questions, such as B. in the organization of flight days and the organization of competitions. The other committees include a dedicated youth work team, which looks after, among other things, camps and seminars for the young members. In the Bonn office, seven employees take care of the members' concerns. The association's legal adviser offers free advice on legal issues. DMFV Service GmbH with three employees enables economic business operations on behalf of DMFV eV.


In addition to comprehensive insurance cover and support from the office and the association's legal services, the members receive the association magazine Modellflieger sent home six times a year . The DMFV represents the interests of model pilots in Germany towards politics and authorities.

Youth media competition high-flyer

From April to October 2008, the DMFV organized a nationwide youth media competition for the first time under the title "High Flyer". The aim was to support young people between the ages of 7 and 25 in their journalistic commitment and at the same time to inform them about the possibilities of model flying. The jury of the "Überflieger" included tennis professional Michael Stich , actor Jan Sosniok and media entrepreneur Thomas Aigner .

Day of the model flight

In 2019, the German Model Aviation Association proclaimed Model Flight Day. This was first dated June 9, 2019 and will then take place every year on a Sunday at the end of May / beginning of June. In 2020 model flight day will take place on June 7th.

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