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The German Colonial Lexicon is a German-language lexicon on German colonialism that was published on behalf of the German Colonial Society in 1920 .


The content of the German Colonial Lexicon was already completed in 1914 and for the most part also set, but could not appear due to the First World War. The lexicon was published in Leipzig in 1920 in three volumes. The former governor of German East Africa, Heinrich Schnee , was the publisher; the texts were written by colonial veterans themselves. A reprint of the work was published in 2006 by Fines Mundi in Saarbrücken.

As a joint project of the Frankfurt University Library, the University Computing Center of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt and the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (FH), Department of Surveying / Cartography, it was digitized in such a way that the original was adopted unchanged.

Writing in the context of the lexicon such as The colonial guilt lie should refute the " colonial guilt lie ". The allied victorious powers of World War I had justified the taking away of the German colonies with the allegedly violent, uncivilized German colonial rule. The revisionist objective of these works was to promote the return of the colonies by highlighting the achievements of German colonialism.

German Colonial Lexicon (1903)

Under the same title, Oskar Kausch published the German Colonial Lexicon in 1903 : general overview of the German colonial areas, alphabetical listing of the new geographical names (of the countries, peoples, rivers, mountains, places), information on government, military and customs - and mission stations, transport companies, trading posts and plantations, explanations of the names and compilation of the most important colonial researchers; with an appendix: Colonial Post and Telegraph Tariff; for tradespeople, merchants, traffic officials and friends of German colonial policy . A reprint of the original edition of this work (Dresden, Kühtmann, 1903) was published in 2005 by Melchior-Verlag in Wolfenbüttel ( ISBN 3-939102-13-X ).


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    • 3. Volume P-Z. Quelle & Meyer, Leipzig 1920 ( digitized in the Internet Archive).

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