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Dewar is an originally Scottish family name for the following people:

  • Andrew Raffo Dewar (* 1975), American jazz musician and university professor
  • Arthur Dewar, Lord Dewar (1860-1917), Scottish politician and judge
  • Donald Dewar (1937–2000), Scottish politician and Prime Minister
  • James Dewar (1842–1923), Scottish physicist and chemist
  • Marion Dewar (1928–2008), Mayor of Ottawa (1978–85) and Canadian Member of Parliament (1986–88)
  • Michael Dewar (1918–1997), American theoretical chemist
  • Neil Dewar (1908–1982), Scottish football player
  • Paul Dewar (1963-2019), Canadian Member of Parliament, son of Marion Dewar
  • Robert Dewar (1945–2015), American computer scientist
  • Thomas Robert Dewar , 1st Baron Dewar (1864–1930), Scottish entrepreneur raised to the nobility (whiskey distillery); British MP 1900–1906

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  • Dewar Trophy , the major British innovation award of the early 20th century, awarded to an automobile with outstanding performance or achievements in the auto industry
  • Dewar Cup , US football award
  • Dewar Challenge Shield , a prize for racing cyclists 1904–1928
  • Dewar vessel , a mirrored, double-walled, evacuated glass or stainless steel vessel
  • Dewar Nunatak , a nunatak on the Adelaide Island in Antarctica
  • Mount Dewar , mountain in Coatsland, Antarctica