The Bavarian 7

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The Bavarian 7
General information
Genre (s) popular hits
founding 1986
Current occupation
Bandleader, vocals, guitar, harmonica
Edeltraut Müller
Trumpet, alphorn, choir
Vocals, electric bass, guitar, keyboard
Esther Gebhardt
Drums, xylophone, accordion
Saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, choir
"Petra Schmitt Sperber"
Trombone, baritone, keyboard
Keyboard, accordion, vocals

The Bayrische 7 is a band from Bavaria consisting of seven musicians in the field of popular hits .

The band was founded in 1986 by seven music teachers and has had different line-ups over the course of its history.

The group took part in the 1988 Grand Prix of Folk Music for Germany . Her song s Dirndl, Dearndl reached 12th place. Since then, the group has occasionally appeared on various popular television programs. Right at the first time in the ZDF hit parade they took 3rd place. She also accompanies solo artists on their tours, including the Wildecker Herzbuben and the Hofmann siblings .

Bayrische 7 has regular appearances at the Munich Oktoberfest. International tours have taken the band to South Africa and the USA, among others. During their performances the band plays folk songs and mood hits, hits, solo performances of individual instruments and international evergreens.

Better known titles

  • s Dirndl, Dearndl 1988


  • 7 girls and a man (1991)
  • Then the Mousetrap Snaps (1992)
  • Women power
  • Strong women
  • Christmas starts in the heart
  • Go for it (2002)
  • Mood - Hits - Evergreens (2003)
  • Sono Italiano (2004)
  • Zacki Zacki ... we blow you the march (2005)
  • 20 years of woman power (2006)
  • Mixed colors (2006)

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