The art of deception

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Television broadcast
Original title The art of deception
Country of production Germany
length 45 minutes
genre documentation
idea Mario Angelo
Moderation Flip (magician) , Wittus Witt
First broadcast Thursday, June 7, 1984 on the WDR regional window of West German Broadcasting

The art of deception was a television broadcast by WDR , about the history of magic .

The team (from left): Mario Angelo (book), Wolf Hengstenberg (producer), Jürgen Schürmann (camera), Andrea Paszti (mask), Wittus Witt and Flip (magician)


In the 45-minute film, the magicians Flip and Wittus Witt tell the story of the art of magic in seven chapters. Some of them do their magic themselves and some of them are shown from film clips with historical recordings by Fredo Marvelli , Georges Méliès , Kalanag and others.


The idea for this documentary came from the Austrian author, poet and filmmaker Mario Angelo. He had initially envisaged the magician Alexander Adrion for the project . The working title should be: Appear - Disappear - Transform. In the course of the preparations, however, the author and protagonist could not agree on a uniform concept, so the project was postponed for a short time.

It was only when the author got to know the magician Wittus Witt that the film concept was taken up again and finally realized together with the Dutch magician Flip.


  1. Section: The Cup Game
  2. Section: The Wizard
  3. Section: Magic and Power
  4. Section: The Game
  5. Section: The spectator
  6. Section: Magic and Technology
  7. The Golden age

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