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Marvelli advertising board in the Schönfeld magic castle

Fredo Marvelli , bourgeois Friedrich Jäckel (born May 4, 1903 in Breslau , † May 6, 1971 in Andorra ), was a German magician .


Fredo Marvelli began his career in 1920 as a magician in Wroclaw . He was one of the first to appear in concert halls with his “own evenings” and presented his magic as an art to be taken seriously. He largely renounced technical devices, instead relying on the art of his hands and appealing lectures. His “living rope” in particular became legendary. Fredo Marvelli was considered an idol among magicians at the time and was part of the German Magical Circle in 1937awarded the "Ring of the Magic Circle". In the 1930s, Marvelli was the first magician to give sold-out performances for a week in the Beethoven Hall in Berlin, which has become famous for concerts. In 1942 his license to practice was revoked. Thanks to influential friends, he managed to evade the Gestapo and travel first to North Africa and then to Athens. Erwin Rommel worked for Fredo Marvelli as a photographer in North Africa . On December 24, 1943, he presented a performance for Rommel in the Paris Hotel George V. As a thank you, he received a silver plate with an engraving: In grateful memory of Fredo Marvelli's Magical War Christmas .

When he returned to Berlin, he had to flee again. He stayed in Prague, where he was taken to a prison camp by Russian troops at the end of the war. There, thanks to his magic tricks, he managed to get a pass to freedom. Fredo Marvelli was elected provisional president of the Magic Circle after the war.

With a new program, he started his second career from 1945 in German seaside resorts, which soon took him to all of Germany's major cities. In 1950 he had a comfortable caravan built. In 1952 he drove via Barcelona and Valencia to a performance by the Sultan of Marrakech in Morocco.

In 1952 Fredo Marvelli moved to Benidorm , where he built a stately hotel and was the first to boost tourism in the area. He spent his old age in Andorra . In 1955 he sold his magic utensils to the magician Olof Becher, who from then on became Marvelli jr. was allowed to call.



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