The world as we knew it

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As we knew it, the world is a science fiction - novel for young people of the US author Susan Beth Pfeffer from 2006, of the genre of dystopias belongs. It is the first book in the “Last Survivors” series.


The plot is described in diary format from the perspective of the teenager Miranda . An asteroid hits the moon and throws it out of its orbit. Due to the changed gravity of the moon, catastrophes such as tidal waves and volcanic eruptions occur. The electricity begins to fail and Miranda's family's food supplies are running low. A struggle for survival begins.



  • The world as we knew it. Carlsen, Hamburg 2010, ISBN 978-3-551-58218-8 . (Translator: Annette von der Weppen).
  • English original edition: Life as we knew it. Hartcourt, San Diego, California 2006, ISBN 0-15-205826-5 .

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