Dirk Meyer-Scharenberg

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Dirk Meyer-Scharenberg (* 1954 in Flensburg ) is a German economist and university professor for business taxation at the University of Regensburg .


Meyer-Scharenberg studied business administration at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich from 1975 to 1980 . He then worked as a research assistant at the local institute for business taxation and , after completing his doctorate, completed his habilitation in the 1989/90 winter semester at Enno Biergans on the subject of tax structuring through conversion . In 1992 he was appointed full professor of business taxation at the University of Regensburg . He was also chairman of the Institut der Steuerberater in Bayern eV from 1992–2017. In addition to his professorship, Meyer-Scharenberg works as a tax consultant and appraiser in his own law firm in Munich.

Research priorities

Meyer-Scharenberg understands business taxation as an application- and decision-oriented tax advisory science that aims to systematize the influence of national and international tax law on alternative entrepreneurial action in a decision-oriented manner. As part of such a theory of tax effects and tax structuring, he examines in particular the tax effects of changes in legal form, asset succession, real estate tax law, trade tax and international tax law.

Literature (selection)

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