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As discrediting ( lat . Dis "divisive" credere "Trust") is defined as the deliberate undermining of the set in a person or thing trust in public. Often lying is used to achieve personal goals .

The means of discrediting are defamation , indiscretions or the spread of rumors .

In politics , the means of discrediting are used to harm opponents by reducing their power of persuasion and (in democracies) their chances of winning the election or by pushing them to resign . Political discrediting is one of the tools used by various secret services. It was and is used in authoritarian or dictatorial states (cf. “Decomposition” by the State Security Service of the GDR ) as well as in “Western” countries; The British secret service GCHQ , a member of the so-called Five Eyes , has trained the systematic discrediting of people via the Internet.

In the economy that is discrediting used products from competitors at customers in disrepute to bring. For example, by launching takeover rumors or skilfully timed product announcements, the public can get the impression that a competing product has no future.

Among celebrities and artists, their careers can be ended or at least made more difficult with the help of discrediting . Metaphorically one speaks of character assassination .


The accusation of striving for world domination was and is a common means of discrediting a group or a system of thought. This was assumed, among other things

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