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Document scanners are used to quickly capture large amounts of documents in the shortest possible time. They are in the paperless office , banks and insurance companies as well as in libraries used to document possible space-saving and efficient archiving to. The acquisition process is known as scanning .


Fujitsu fi-4110CU document scanner
Plustek document

The scanners are mostly designed as draw-in or pull-through scanners and can independently process stacks of documents from 50 to 1000 pages, depending on the version. Most models are able to use two CCD sensor strips to simultaneously scan the front and back in one scan (duplex). Some models are designed as a combination of draw-through and flatbed scanners so that bound documents can also be scanned without being destroyed. The scan quality depends on the selected or available resolution. The optical resolution of document scanners is usually 200–400  ppi , but now 600–1400 ppi are also possible.

Typical interfaces for data transfer to the connected computer system are Ethernet , SCSI , Firewire or USB . In the past there was also its own video interface system, since the scanner provided a data stream that was too large even for a SCSI system . Due to the constant acceleration of the other interfaces, the video system is now a thing of the past.

The speed of the scanner depends on the design, the intended area of ​​application and the selected scan resolution. Scanners for the workplace, the typical values are 25 to 80 DIN - A4 pages / minute. With central high-performance systems, up to 500 A4 pages per minute can be recorded on both sides. Often the content is extracted for further processing using text recognition software (OCR). Some devices can not only deliver the digital scan but also photograph the document on microfilm at the same time . However, this is no longer common today.

Operational environment

They are often used in close cooperation with a software solution for electronic archiving , enterprise content management systems or document management . Often, special software applications such as quality control, image enhancement, text recognition and other document technologies are used together with the document scanner .

For the capture of business documents, primarily pure black and white devices (with green as the blind color ) or scanners, which can differentiate between several shades of gray, are increasingly being used for this purpose, color scanners that are already established for capturing color images.

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