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Document technologies is the transfer of the English-language term DRT Document Related Technologies . Document technologies are used to create, record, develop, manage, prepare, provide, distribute, secure and store electronic documents .

Document Related Technologies

Document technologies are services of an IT infrastructure for the controlled use of electronic documents regardless of application, place, time and originator. The term document (see also document management ) is defined from a content and legal point of view. It has a different quality than data , information or content in the information technology environment. Electronic documents are defined by their content and legal character and can be in different forms as structured, weakly structured or unstructured digital information .

The acronym DRT and the term Document Related Technologies was introduced in 1998 by Ulrich Kampffmeyer . The term document technologies is coined from a technological point of view and thus, in contrast to document management, is much broader. According to Kampffmeyer, DRT Document Related Technologies includes two different approaches:

  • Systems that specialize in processing unstructured or weakly structured information (“documents”)
  • document-oriented functions that can be integrated into any applications and IT infrastructures

The latter approach is becoming increasingly popular, since document technologies as server components in modern service architectures are used as infrastructure.

In contrast to the providers of classic DM systems or ECM systems , providers of digital printing systems , output management solutions and other document-oriented products tend to position themselves under this classification. Here this term is used e.g. Sometimes also applied to processes and technologies that are not based on electronic information technology and are based on the concept of paper documents .


Examples of the broad requirements of document technologies are content management systems and document management , methods of information management and documentation , for example in libraries and archives . Document technologies provide the basic functions for enterprise content management .

Examples of the functional elements and components of document technologies according to the terms listed in the definition are:



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