Dome A

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Coordinates: 80 ° 22 ′  S , 77 ° 21 ′  E

Relief Map: Antarctica
Dome A

Dome A or Dome Argus is an ice dome in Antarctica . Its center is 1200 km from the sea and is considered one of the coldest points on earth with a record minus temperature of −93.2 ° C. However, this record was calculated on the basis of satellite observations, but not measured meteorologically - with an earth-based measuring station. Because of the method, this new value was not recognized by the responsible World Meteorological Organization . The highest point is 4093 m above sea ​​level . The Gamburzew Mountains are under the ice .

The Scott Polar Research Institute chose the name after Argo , the ship of Jason and the Argonauts from Greek mythology. The atmosphere, which is clear due to the cold and drought, offers very good conditions for astronomical observations.

In 2008 a remote-controlled observatory was built here with the Plateau Observatory .

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