Dr. Schumacher

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Dr. Schumacher GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 1978
Seat Malsfeld - Beiseförth , Germany
management Dierk Schumacher, Jens Schumacher, Klaus Ruhnau, management
Number of employees around 1,850 in the entire group
sales 165 million € (2018)
Branch Pharmaceutical chemistry
Website www.schumacher-online.com/de

The Dr. Schumacher GmbH is a German family company that has specialized in the development and production of disinfectants , hygiene and cleaning agents as well as care and cosmetic products. The family business has been based in North Hesse since 1978 and in Malsfeld - Beiseförth since 1983 . There the Dr. Schumacher GmbH both under its own brand and on behalf of well-known brand manufacturers, retail chains and industrial companies as a private label / OEM manufacturer.

Company history and development

On February 13, 1978, the chemist Henning Schumacher († 2005) founded the Dr. Schumacher GmbH and put the focus on private label production in the medical sector. In the 1980s, the family business brought the first aldehyde- and phenol-free disinfectant for instruments onto the market. In 1984 the founder created the own brand “Dr. Schumacher ”and expanded it in the 1990s for the areas of medical retail, hospitals and geriatric care, both nationally and internationally. At the end of the 1990s, Henning Schumacher handed the company over to his two sons Dierk and Jens.

The Dr. Schumacher GmbH is now managed by the shareholders Jens and Dierk Schumacher and, since May 2019, Klaus Ruhnau.

In 2018, the company employed 1,850 people at nine locations worldwide. The production of dry and soaked wipes takes place at the Schumacher site in Lubań, Poland , and the filling of disinfectants in liquid form at the headquarters in Beiseförth . A network of distribution partners in around 70 countries underlines the international orientation of the company.

Business areas and products

The focus is on the development and production of liquids for disinfection, cleaning and care as well as the in-house production of soaked wipes and non-woven wipe dispenser systems. The Dr. Schumacher GmbH produces more than 11,300 tons of disinfectants for skin, hands and surfaces as well as around 500 million packs of moist wipes of all kinds (as of 2018).


The headquarters of Dr. Schumacher GmbH with the production facility for disinfectants is located in Malsfeld - Beiseförth, Hesse . The production facility in Lubań , Poland , is responsible for the manufacture of the non-woven cloths. There are further subsidiaries and sales offices in Austria , Switzerland , Portugal , Turkey , Jordan , India and the United Arab Emirates .

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