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The wire word , also called wire address , is a telegram (short) address that was previously used by companies in particular. The telegraph office was able to assign the recipient address from the list of assigned wire words. Since the number of words was decisive in the billing of telegrams , the sender was able to save the costly transmission of the complete address. In addition to the " Fernruf " (telephone number) and the teletype number , the wired word was a standard part of a company's letterhead.


Instead of the address “ Walking stick and umbrella factory Pogge , Berlin-Grunewald, Chausseestrasse 12-18”, the wireword was only briefly “poggeberlin”.

The companies Degussa and Hanomag itself from "established De funnel G old- u nd S ilber- S cheide- A nstalt" or " Han n o versche M achinery AG " developed wire words later even company name.

The metal cartridge AG introduced the Parabellum ago and had the wire word Parabellum .