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The filming location is a place where filming for a film or series is carried out.


In addition to its visual and acoustic suitability (nature, architecture, socio-cultural atmosphere), financial, infrastructural, climatic, traffic-technical, legal, political considerations can be responsible for the choice of a location. The most neutral location with the best infrastructure is the film studio . If the location is the scene of the action , it is called the original location .

Locations are often brokered by agencies called location offices. The location scouts keep an eye out for suitable locations . The term “ location ”, which was taken over from English as a foreign word , is used in German for every type of event location.

Tourist marketing

Even more than with tourism, following in the footsteps of famous writers, films that have been successful around the world and shot in striking landscapes are increasingly resulting in significant tourism post-marketing. Examples of this are the tourist boom in New Zealand due to the locations of the Lord of the Rings cinema films and Spanish locations for the Game of Thrones seasons. The sheer mass of the rush of visitors triggered by the worldwide film consumption is often a permanent nuisance for the locals, not only because of infrastructure bottlenecks.

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