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Location [ lə (ʊ) ˈkeɪʃən ] is an anglicism that is used synonymously in the German translation for the location , the location or the position .


The root of the word is derived from the locality ( Latin locatio < locatum < locare (verb) ). The word "Locatio" is limited to the position, but was also used in the jargon as a place or locality. The actual Latin term for “place” is called “locus” and refers, among other things, to. a. on the area, rank, position or location.


In German usage, the term is mostly used as an expression for “Ort / Örtlichkeit” and “ Lokalität ”. Since the word locality has always been used synonymously for restaurants , pubs and bars , the term “location” has also become firmly established in German for discos , clubs , bistros , cafes and restaurants .

The term location is also a common expression in the media industry today for a location or location for events , films , photo shoots , series or advertising . Locations are discovered by location scouts for film productions and marketed by the respective owners or commissioned agencies. In addition, there are also magazines, print and online catalogs as well as independent online location directories that enable the owners and operators of event locations to publish interesting locations.
In the field of event management is held by Location sometimes of Venue ( German  venue ) the speech.

As a location in were South Africa demarcated residential areas or settlements of non-European-descended population generally referred spatially before this the term since the mid-20th century Township ( English : literally for "district") prevailed gradually.


In addition to a building, a location can also be a description of a geographical location in physical space. The parameters of geographical latitude and longitude can be used for this. The term location can be used absolutely or relatively in this context. The absolute location describes the exact location of an object. The relative location refers to the location of an object in relation to another or in relation to a certain area.

Scheduled settlement

During the inland colonization in Northern Germany and the German East Settlement , an area was systematically reclaimed, measured, and settlers recruited for a new village or city , usually by a locator .

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