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Under settlers (pluraliter) refers to a group of people who try a piece of land that was previously all appearances of anyone agricultural or forestry has been used and cultivated, through clearing , planting , irrigation and development to make reclaimed to make it permanently to be able to inhabit.

These settlers were mostly population groups who were either persecuted or disadvantaged in their original homeland due to their religion , culture , language or nationality , or who were relocating to a new location due to a general crisis ( climate catastrophes , famine , epidemics or wars ) wanted to build up a new existence under hardship.

As a rule, they were exploited by a group of ruling elites , who often secured their services by contract , as they could only enforce their own claim to power over higher authorities through the permanent settlement of the lands entrusted, enfeoffed or leased to them. The possible legal claims of indigenous people were ignored in this context either by pointing out that they had not used the land and therefore would not own it, or with reference to their foreign religion or low level of civilization .

An important difference to the colony is the autonomy of the settlement.

Examples in history

In ancient times , settlers founded the Hellenistic Poleis , later Katoks were used specifically to secure the military power of their kings locally. In Central Europe in the Middle Ages , settlements were expanded to previously inhospitable areas, as the elder colonization shows. In the 14th century, the German Order laid the foundation for the German East Settlement with its military successes . The first permanent European settlements on the continent of America were in what is now the US states of Virginia and Maryland . Today in Palestine targeted Israelis settled (see Israeli settlement ).

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