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The Three Hundred Tang Poems ( Chinese  唐詩 三百首  /  唐诗 三百首 , Pinyin Tángshī sānbǎi shǒu ) are a standard selection of poems from the Tang dynasty , written in 1763/64 by Sun Zhu ( 孫 洙  /  孙 洙 , Sūn Zhū , 1711–1778), a scholar of the Qing period . There are exactly 310 poems.


The Complete Tang Poems ( Quan Tangshi ), compiled 1705–1707 by order of the Kangxi Emperor, contained almost 49,000 poems and were therefore unsuitable for practical purposes.

The limitation of 300 poems goes back to the book of songs (Shijing) with 305 songs.


74 well-known poets of the Tang period are represented in the collection. The most common are Du Fu , Li Bai and Wang Wei . The selection criteria are not without controversy, but this collection had an enormous influence on the level of awareness of certain poets and is still in large numbers today.

The texts are still part of the general education in China today.

List of poets

Works by the following poets have been recorded:


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