Drenpa Namkha

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Drenpa Namkha ( Tib . : dran pa nam mkha ' ) was a master of Bon , the pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet . Drenpa Namkha means something like "the heaven of memory" because he could clearly remember his 500 lifetimes. He was born in Chunlung Ngul Kha in southwestern Tibet in the 8th century. He became known for his presentation of the compatibility of Bon and Buddhism in Tibet. Drenpa Namkha took part in various debates between Bonpos and disciples of the tantric master Padmasambhavas and showed that a person who has achieved realization need not make a distinction between Bon followers and Buddhists. According to his teaching, Dzogchen connects the two faiths and allows them to become one. The Dalai Lama confirmed this view in 1977.

According to legend, he went up into the sky and hit the moon and sun like a couple of cymbals . With a golden razor he cut a lock of his hair and was consecrated by the Buddhist master Padmasambhava in the circle of the secret mantrayana . He meditated a lot in the seclusion of the wilderness of Tibet and developed complete enlightenment. He taught the Dharma to many sentient beings. He is said to have been present at the translation of many Dzogchen texts and disseminated the translations, commentaries and oral teachings of Guru Padmasambhava as well as the higher teachings of Bon. Drenpa Namkha is seen by the Bön as a manifestation of the founder of the Bön tradition Shenrab Wedweek .

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