Shenrab Wednesday

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Shenrab Wednesday. Illumination from the 19th century. Rubin Collection Museum of Art , New York.

Shenrab Miwoche ( Tib . : gshen rab mi bo che ; also: Tönpa (teacher) Shenrab Miwoche ) is a legendary and mythical master and founding father of the Eternal Bon , a pre-Buddhist religion in Tibet . It is said to have been around the year 1856 BC. B.C. and have combined all the Bon traditions to be found at that time in a unified religious system. Other sources name the time around 18,000 BC for his lifetime. Chr.

According to the tradition of Bon, it was Shenrab Miwoche who taught the teachings of Dzogchen for the first time in this world, the "essence" of all the higher teachings of Bon, which should lead directly to spiritual realization. According to the Bon teachings, the Buddha Siddhartha Gautama is said to have been a later incarnation of Shenrab Wedwoche. According to legend, Shenrab descended from heavenly realms, manifested himself at the foot of Mount Meru (cf. Kailash ) and was born as a royal prince. After he had married and had children in his early youth, he renounced worldly life at the age of 31 and began to preach the Bon doctrine until his death at the age of 82.

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